Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflections

Week 2

My second week of school has been tougher than the beginning, mainly because classes have started and we have had the first full week of school. My classes are proving to be pretty difficult, I have already been assigned multiple essays and readings that will take a lot of time and effort. The tasks are daunting, and it is even more difficult because I have been out of school and serious work for over a year at this point following Covid and school shutdowns. I am hoping that I can be up for the challenge, not even just the actual assignments, but organizing and planning my schedule to make sure I get everything completed as well. Outside of the classroom, it has been fun to get to know more people. I am excited to be joining some club sports teams and intramurals as well. A friend of mine created an intramural soccer team that I am excited to play on. We have recruited many people from our dorm as well as a few others, it should be a lot of fun. Staying active and in shape will be more challenging as classes have started to pick up. I am still excited about what is to come, I am still so new to all of this that I have no idea where next week might take me.

Week 3

My third week of school has been the first where I have gotten into a nice rhythm. I have gotten used to going to all my classes and staying on the same schedule throughout the week. Getting homework done and on time is still a challenge, that is something that has challenged me throughout high school and continues to challenge me here. I am still working on being able to prepare and do work on time and more effectively. Outside of the classroom and homework, this week has been fun. I went out to see a movie with some friends on Saturday night and had fun starting to play club tennis and intramural soccer. I have also tried to enjoy as much of the nice weather as possible. It’s hard to tell how many more nice days we have left before it starts to cool off again. For this week I am excited to get through my classes because I am going home for the first time since I moved in this weekend. I am excited to see my friends and family back home and see how everyone is doing.

Week 4

This past week was challenging and rewarding for me. I had a lot of work to complete for classes, as well as work that needed to be done outside of class on my own time that I had to effectively manage. This week was a good learning opportunity for me, I think I am more prepared now than I was before last week for a large amount of work, simply because I have experience with it now. I am happy that I had an experience like this already, now I know that I can handle a lot of work in one week; handling it on my own away from home made it even harder. 

Outside of the academic realm, this week was the first time I visited home since moving in. It was a relatively brief visit, and I was busy for most of the time, but I was happy to be back home. I had definitely been missing my family and friends back home. Seeing everyone was good for me, but it also reminded me of my new friends here at school. I was happy to know that once I was home, I still had the urge to be back at school and with the new people I met. I was a little nervous that if I went home I would not want to come back, and luckily that was not the case.

Week 5

Week 6

This past week we had homecoming weekend at the school. My parents weren’t able to come up and visit so it was a good chance for me to meet some of my new friends’ family. I was able to go to the football game and stay for the whole time which was nice. I was able to make the most of the weekend with the activities that were happening and the people that were here. It was nice to complete my first essay for my English class this past week as well. I put a lot of effort into it to make sure it was up to my standards. I also completed the first project for this GUST class. I have enjoyed the material that we have covered so far, and this essay was one that I felt confident writing. I am looking forward to what will come next in this class, specifically our explorations of majors at the school.

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11