QCQ 7 – Ferguson

QCQ 7 – Ferguson



The part of the video that I chose to write about is when the creator says “Creation requires influence.” This seems to be the main theme of the video, or at least what I think is the most important concept from the video. It is easy to go through any sort of media/entertainment and pick it apart to find areas where it “stole” or used things from works that came before it. Of course, giving credit to those who influence you or whose ideas you borrow are important, but using others’ ideas and making them your own should not be considered simple, lazy, or easy. The whole idea of being creative is thinking of something unique to yourself or something that no one has seen before, but that does not mean you can’t use others for help. I would almost argue that it is impossible to be 100% creative, meaning whatever you create or think of, someone will always be able to tie it back to the work of someone else. 

It is important to remember this in my opinion, because it helps you to enjoy what people create more. If you are watching Star Wars, constantly thinking about all the different forms of media Star Wars is “copying” in your eyes will block your ability to enjoy it. The same applies to all movies, television, books, and music. Anything creative is always building off of something else creative. Sometimes the creator may not even realize it. There are times where creators are actively referencing and using the work of others in their work, and other times where someone may create something they believe to be original, yet fail to realize how works before them may have had a larger influence than they thought.


Is it possible to create anything completely original and unique?