Outcome #2

Outcome #2

In the final draft of my Project #2 essay, I used the essay “The Empathy Diaries” by Sherry Turkle multiple times as a reference to strengthen the points I make in my own essay. I first used a quotation from Turkle at the beginning of the second paragraph after my introduction. After the quote, I provided seven lines of examination and analysis of the quote afterward. I followed the quote by giving my analysis beginning with using the phrase “According to Turkle.” I was able to connect this quote from Turkle to the larger picture, looking at her idea in context with an entire human population.  

One of the strongest parts of my Project #2 essay, especially regarding integrating ideas, was when I made text-to-text connections between Maria Konnikova’s writing and Sherry Turkle’s. I used a quote from Turkle’s piece as an example of how she has a similar opinion to Konnikova. After the quote, I wrote a few lines of analysis and examination before leading into a quote from Konnikova that connected to the quote from Turkle and the ideas that they shared. After referencing both texts and connecting them, I made a personal connection that related my experiences with those of Konnikova and Turkle, strengthening the point of that paragraph even further.

I think I have definitely improved my ability to use quotations and reference texts in my essays. My essay for Project #2 shows this, and I think is a great example of integrating ideas well. The text-to-text connections I made as well as the connections between the texts and my personal ideas were greatly improved in my Project #2 essay compared to my Project #1 essay. I think I demonstrated the improvement the most in the second to last paragraph of my second essay where I made both text-to-text connections and text-to-self connections.

Project #2 Final Draft