QCQ 3 – Rheingold

QCQ 3 – Rheingold


“Moreover, participation itself in the online world creates a distinct sense of belonging and empowerment in users.” pg. 112


This quote that I found from the reading is something that I can relate to very easily. I have found that being in an online community can be a very rewarding experience, especially when you are actively engaging with others online and sharing your opinion, ideas, and values with one another. I know from personal experience that it can be hard to find people in your real day-to-day life that share specific interests with you. That is why the internet is such a great tool, it allows you to connect with anyone from across the globe and share your interests with them. Of course you have to practice common internet safety and etiquette, but if done correctly it can be a very positive experience. 

Becoming a part of an online community can empower you in many ways. If you make a post in an online community that others relate to and connect with that say people in your real-world life wouldn’t understand, it can make you feel a sense of belonging. Connecting with others and making relationships is a huge part of the human experience. I have found that even doing so online, these connections can be just as real and impactful on someone’s life. Some of these connections can be even more special or impactful than one in real life because of the nature of what the relationship is based on.


Are there any online communities that you are a part of that you feel a sense of connection and belonging to? Is this a community that you could be a part of without the use of social media?