QCQ 6 – Lessig

QCQ 6 – Lessig


“Anyone can take images, sounds, video from the culture around us and remix them in ways that speak to a generation more powerfully than raw text ever could. That’s the key. This is just writing for the twenty-first century. We who spend our lives writing have to recognize that nonmultimedia, plain alphanumeric text in the twenty-first century is the Latin from the Middle Ages.” -pg. 6


I chose this passage from the text because I thought the idea that was brought up was really interesting and insightful. It also captures one of the main ideas from the text about how things are evolving and changing in the 21st century specifically regarding media and communication. The concept that multimedia has overtaken writing and made it a thing of the past is something that is hard to wrap my head around, but it makes sense. Media online is quickly evolving and overtaking handwriting and pen and paper techniques, just as writing did to oral forms of communication (or what people thought it would do). It is important in my opinion to keep up with the times so to speak in order to stay updated and in touch with the modern form of communication. This new form of communication that the author talks about is very unique to its predecessors. Writing is something that everyone can do, but it is challenging to do it well, whereas “remixing” videos and images can take little effort and is easy for a lot of people to do. I expect forms of communication and writing to continue to evolve and grow into the future. It is my goal to be adaptable and willing to learn about whatever new technologies and trends arise.


How does the constant changing of media and technology affect your ability to consume media?