QCQ 8 – Miltner

QCQ 8 – Miltner


“For despite four years’ worth of earnest declarations that memes are dead, the sheer volume of memes that permeate our media ecosystems illustrate that they are very much alive; or rather, as Milner asserts, memetic participation is very much alive.”


I found this quote funny because of how outdated it seems now when looking back on it. It must have been impossible to predict or foresee how the media landscape would evolve and grow when this article was written. It is crazy now to think back on what people thought about media just a few years ago, and it goes to show just how quickly things evolve and change on the internet. Participation online and with memes has grown exponentially over the past decade, changing so fast that trends and memes become outdated within a matter of weeks or even days. It is insanely hard to gain traction on the internet in terms of popularity or going viral. 

It’s hard to predict what the future of memes and being social online will be like because of how much it changes on a daily basis. I am timid to make any predictions because of how silly those from this article look now from just a few years ago. What I can say is that I am excited to see how we keep updating and creating new ways to interact with each other online and on social media. Our languages will keep changing, our memes will keep evolving and getting harder to understand, and the internet will become an even larger part of our lives.


How do you foresee the internet and social media changing in the future?