News Release

News Release

1st Draft

Final Draft

Peer Review Reflection

The peer review session was very helpful and informative for the news release. We were able to make some changes to our original draft following the review session to improve on what we had started. The main critique of our news release was the number of quotes we had included. I knew going in that this was going to be a potential critique, so it was reassuring to hear that. During revisions, we removed two of the quotes that were in the original draft and replaced them with more objective writing in a reporting style. I think this is the better option. It no longer overloads the reader with quotes from people they are not familiar with.

My Role Narrative

During the process of the news release, I think I became the leader of the group in terms of getting the ball rolling and beginning the writing process. It wasn’t anything official, but I tried to lead by example with my writing. It was important for someone to jumpstart the project by writing the first few lines. I did this in hopes of providing my group members with a basic idea of what the writing style of our news release was going to be. After this, I think my role shifted to become more of an editor. Just as my group members would read and edit anything I wrote, I would do the same for them. Having multiple people edit and read the draft proved to be very helpful in the process of writing the news release. It also made sure that we were writing with one consistent voice and message throughout.